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Your ecommerce success - it’s in the bag

We’re arming businesses with a feature-rich, user-friendly platform built to power ecommerce success. 


Your one stop to build a shop online

LITE is the feature-rich, flexible platform built to empower ecommerce success.  

Our tried and tested customisable store templates and robust service management tools support thousands of businesses to grow online today.  

So, whatever you’re selling, the tools you need to succeed are a few clicks away.



We know a thing or two (or three, or four...) about ecommerce. Since 2004, thousands of established global luxury brands have experienced success with Ingenuity.

Providing the tools you need to build and manage a professional online store is what we’re all about. Whether you're selling at scale or just starting out, we offer a toolbox of features to grow your business and enjoy online success.

Plus (and here’s the really good bit), unlike many ecommerce platforms, we don’t charge subscription fees - meaning until you sell we won't take a penny!

Let’s get down to business

How it works


Set up shop

Choose from our vast library of optimised store themes and colour palettes.


What are you about?

We offer the best solutions to promote your products, pick and choose the tools to suit your needs.


Get your name out there

Build marketing campaigns like a pro.


Data, data, data

Manage orders, payments, and customer data with our robust reporting suite.

Start growing your business with Ingenuity LITE

Try Ingenuity LITE for free today and explore all the tools you need to start and scale your online business.

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